Nerf Camp 06.25.19

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Nerf Camp 06.25.19


    Welcome to the Gun Show!

    You are welcome to bring your own guns. 
    No Outside Ammo

    We have 4 levels of guns for you to play with...  (subject to availability)

    • Base Guns (A0) - Included with all events/games
    • Arsenal One (A1) - $3 per player
    • Arsenal Two (A2) - $8 per player
    • Arsenal Three (A3) - $12 per player

     Base Guns (A0) - Included 

    nerf n-strike elite triad

    Nerf N-Strike Elite Triad

    Base nerf n-strike elite firestrike

    Nerf™ N-Strike Elite Firestrike

    base nerf n strike double down blaster

    Nerf™ N-Strike Double Down Blaster 

    base nerf modules barrel strike

    Nerf™ Modulus Barrelstrike

     Arsenal One (A1) - all the above guns Plus... 

    nerf n strike elite surgefire

    Nerf™ N-Strike Elite Surgefire

    nerf walking dead abraham m16

    Air Warriors™ The Walking Dead Abraham's M16

    Air Warriors™ Night Tek

    adventure force alpha rogue dart blaster

    Adventure Force™ Alpha Rogue Dart Blaster

    nerf walking dead carls revolver

    Nerf™ Walking Dead Carl's Revolver

    buzz bee tactical storm

    Buzz Bee™ Tactical Storm

     Arsenal Two (A2) - all the above guns Plus... 

    nerf n-strike elite mega cycloneshock blaster

    Nerf™ N-Strike Elite Mega Cycloneshock Blaster

    nerf n-strike elite mega tri-break

    Nerf™ N-Strike Elite Mega Tri-Break

    nerf n-strike mega twinshock

    Nerf™ N-Strike Mega TwinShock

    nerf rival phantom corps kronos

    Nerf™ Rival Phantom Corps Kronos

    nerf rival phantom corps helios xviii-700

    Nerf™ Rival Phantom Corps Helios

    adventure force scorpion motorized gatling blaster

    Adventure Force™ Scorpion Motorized Gatling Blaster

     Arsenal Three (A3) - all the above guns Plus...  

    nerf rival nemesis mxvii-10k

    Nerf™ Rival Nemesis

    nerf rival khaos-mxvi-4000-blaster

    Nerf™ Rival Khaos MXVI-4000 Blaster

    Age Requirements:

    MEGA Battlefield (Semi-Private Parties) for ages 6+ up only. 
    On the MEGA Battlefield, all players must be able to comprehend the concept of the game, as well as understand the rules. 

    Game Rules:

    • Play Fair
    • Remember this is Nerf Wars..  Have fun!!
    • #1 Safety glasses must be worn on The Battlefield.
    • #2 All shots count: If a bullet hits a player ANYWHERE, they are out.  Including the gun, face and head. 
    • #3 AIM LOW!  Do not intentionally shoot up close or in the face.
    • #4 No crying...  This is war.. with foam bullets.  

    Facility Rules:

    • Eye protection must be worn at all times. 
    • No fighting, hitting, bullying, or name-calling.
    • Do not climb on top of anything.
    • You can play in the tank, in the ship, and in the car.
    • Do not climb on top of the barrels/tires/towers.
    • No bullets in pockets.
    • Do not shoot anyone up close or in the face on purpose.
    • Bullets will be flying all over. You will likely get hit in the face and up close. 
    • Keep in mind that no one has ever died from a Nerf Bullet.  

    Rule violations:

    The Battlefield reserves the right to eject rule violators without a refund.  
    Be cool, have fun and follow the rules… and you need not worry.

    All players must follow the rules, including the birthday child. 

    How the games are played:

    The Battlefield Referee(s) facilitate the Battles.
    The Battles are continuous.  Unlimited Play!  
    (1-5 minute Battles, 1-2 minutes to reload your weapons)

    Game Duration: 1-5 minutes 
    Reload Time: 1-2 minutes
    Troops: Players are split up into 2 teams
    Respawn: Yes

    (Respawn =gaming term meaning to reappear after having been killed)

    Your Mission: 

    The object is to shoot as many of the opposing players as possible before the Battle ends.  

    Once a player is “shot” (when a bullet hits them anywhere) the player is then “out”.  

    The “out” players go to the “Out Box" to reload & wait to be "respawned".
    (Respawn =gaming term meaning to reappear after having been killed)

    *Respawning is at the referee’s discretion.

    All respawning ceases the last 30 seconds-1 minute of the Battle.
    The team with the most surviving players is the winner of that round.

    All ages battle together.

    Kids have the advantage when it comes to speed and agility.
    Adults move slow and are bigger targets.

    Adult have the advantage when it comes to strategy.
    Kids.... well they just do their own thing.   

    How Teams are Formed for Semi-Private Parties:

    You will battle on the 5,000 Square Foot Mega Battlefield along with the other Semi-Private parties and the Battle Pass players.

    Will my party all be on the same team?
    Not always. Some of the players may on the opposing team for part of the games.

    We will form 2 teams. Equally splitting the # of players. 
    Some of your players may be put on the opposing team. This applies especially to late arrivals. 
    Once the teams are set and the games start, late arrivals will be added to teams in alternating order. 
    We have to keep the teams even.

    Since party sizes will differ, as well as age differences, we do our best to form even teams.

    For example: a party of (8) nine-year-olds will not be teamed up to battle against a party of (16) twelve-year-olds.

    If one team is dominating and winning every game, we will switch up the players so both teams can find success.