The Battlefield Rules

Eye protection must be worn at all times 

No fighting, hitting, bullying, or name-calling

Safety First
Do not climb on top of anything.
You can play in the tank, in the ship and in the car.
Do not climb on top of the barrels/tires/towers

No bullets in pockets

Do not shoot anyone up close or in the face on purpose
Aim low!   
Bullets will be flying all over. You will likely get hit in the face and up close.

No crying... this is war…..  with foam bullets.   
The foam bullets can sting a wee bit for just a few seconds.  
Shake it off and battle on.  
Keep in mind that no one has ever died from a Nerf Bullet.  

Rule violations:
The Battlefield reserves the right to eject rule violators without a refund.  
Be cool, have fun and follow the rules… and you need not worry.

All players must follow the rules, including the birthday child.