4 Hour
Nerf Camp

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Parents are welcome to join the camp
drop off, or stay watch the battles!
Spring Break Camps
March 10th & 13th 
Summer Camps 
June: 12th, 26th
July: 14th, 17th, 21st, 31st
Space is limited to 100 players
The last 5 camps sold out!
Sign up today!
Use your guns or ours!
No limit
on the # of
Nerf guns you can bring!
Unlimited AMMO!
Standard, Rival & Mega
Nerf gun games on
BOTH Battlefields!


Includes lunch

It is game on!
During the camps, boxes are added to the battlefield, the teams then get to move the field obstacles and use the boxes to create their own unique bunkers/bases.
Game Modes:
Team Elimination
Capture the flag
Glow in the dark Nerf Wars
4 Corners
Battlefield camp leaders run the games!

Lunch is included!!

√ MRE Lunch Included

Comes with
Your choice of:

Nachos or a hot dog

A fountain drink
with free refills!

Choice of chips

All-Access Gun Upgrade
Players can choose any gun
from the Mega Gun Armory!
Each player gets 4 trade-ins…
this means they can swap out and try
up to 4 guns different gun from the Mega Armory