Adult Nerf Parties

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Host an Insanely Awesome Nerf Event! 

Choose The Battlefield
Mega Battlefield (5,000 sq ft)
VIP Battlefield (2,000 sq ft)

All Events Include…

+ 2 Hours at The Battlefield
+ Party Table(s)
+ Unlimited Play
+ Unlimited Ammo
+ Nerf Pistol to Play
+ Referees to Run the Games
+ Safety Glasses

Watch the video to see The Mega Battlefield↑
Events on The Mega
5,000 sq ft Battlefield
(Max 100 Players)

Covers 20 Players

Extra Players $15

Watch the video to see The VIP Battlefield↑
Events on The VIP
2,000 sq ft Battlefield
(Max 30 Players)

15 Players

20 Players

$299* Monday-Friday
$379* on Saturdays and Sundays
Extra Players $6
360 Virtual Tour

Use The Included Pistols,
Bring Your Own Guns

— Or —

Upgrade Your Fun At Our Fully Stocked Armory!

Party Details & FAQs…

Party Timeline

2 hour event
Play Time: 
Access to the battlefield for the entire 2 hour duration of your event
Party Tables- 
Access to the party tables approximately 15-20* minutes prior to your event start time (to set up/decorate)
Food Serving Time: 
 is 30 minutes after your event starts
Table End Time:  
is 30 minutes before your event end time
*This all
ows us time to clean the tables and have them ready for the next party to set up early (pay it forward) 

What time should we arrive for the event?

Host: Please arrive 30 minutes prior to the start time.  Arriving 30 minutes before your event will help it get off to an easy, stress-free start. 

Guest: Ask your guests to arrive 15 minutes prior to your  event start time to get their equipment.

Food & Drinks


We provide water for free for your whole party
12 oz. Fountain drinks available for $2.50 with **Free Refills**
Lemonade, Fruit Punch, Diet Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Mountain Dew, Sierra Mist, Root Beer
BYOB – Coolers & Alcohol are allowed 

You can bring your own

We have a fridge and freezer available for you to use.
We do not supply plates, forks, napkins, etc for outside food.  You are welcome to bring these items.

You can have food delivered
Pizza Delivery
Domino’s 940-442-5858
Jonuzi’s Pizza 940-565-0000
Domino’s and Jonuzis do not offer online ordering… you will have to call them to order your food.
Pizza numbers provided as a courtesy..You are welcome to get food from anywhere

Delivery address:
The Battlefield
1512 I35W Suite A
Denton, Texas 76207

Questions..please call us 972-978-8910

Food serving time is 30 minutes after your event starts.
Players will battle for the first 30 minutes, then take a break to celebrate (food time), then back to the battle for the rest of the event.
We do the food 30 minutes after your party starts to accommodate the late arrivals and so the party host can get the food part out of the way and can relax and enjoy the event!

Please plan your food delivery accordingly. 

Party Room

Private Parties booked for:
20 Players =4 tables

Each table seats 6-8 people, so we recommend sticking pretty close to your table(s) capacity when inviting players and non-players.

Serving Buffet Included

In addition to your table(s), you will have a buffet table for your food.


Can we decorate?


We love a cool party as much as you do, and we will help in any way we can.

Please, no table confetti, pinatas or silly string 

Battlefields (The Play Areas)
The Mega Battlefield (Available for Public or Private Parties)
5,000 Square Feet

Sniper Tower

VIP Battlefield (Available for Private Parties)
2,000 Square Feet

Sniper Tower

How are the games played?
Play your way…
Play Tournament Style, Teams or Everyman for Himself.
Choose from a variety of game modes

+ Bunker Wars
+ Team Elimination
+ Capture the flag
+ Glow Wars

Unlimited Play!
New game every 5 minutes

Battlefield Referees facilitate the games

  • 5 Minute Games
  • Get Hit… Go Back to Base
  • Hear “Respawn” (about every 30 seconds)… Re-Enter the Game

Games are structured to maximize fun.


Spectators are Free… non-playing guests are welcome to come, watch, and enjoy the party at no cost. 

Included Equipment

Use of 

  • Safety Glasses
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Jersey
  • Nerf Pistols

Can we bring our own guns?


If you own a gun that you’d like to play with… bring it and we will supply the ammo.
(Standard, Mega & Rival Ammo) 

Please write your name on the equipment you bring along.
No outside ammo
No Buckets, totes or bags of guns (you can only bring as many guns as you can carry in hand)

No Shows and Extra Players

Extra Players can be purchased at the time of the party
Mega Battlefield $15
Vip Battlefield $6

Unused passes…

Turn in your unused party passes at the end of your party and we will give you up to (2) One Hour Open Play Passes in exchange for your unused party passes.

*Unused party passes are only valid during the time of your party and cannot be used at a future date/time.

Cancellation Policy

You may make changes to your party date and time at no cost. 
72-Hour advance notice required

Paid-in-full: 72-Hour advance notice required for a full refund

Parties held with a deposit are non-refundable

Questions? Give Us A Call… 972-978-8910