Nerf Wars Mobile Unit

How does this work?
2 hour event
We bring the Nerf course and all the gear out to your location.
Our referees facilitate the games.
60 players per 15 minute session.

You provide the facility, the ticket takers, & crowd control... we provide the FUN!

Donation Value:
Single event ($160 value)
Double event ($299)

1/2 down is required to book your date.
If you need a different time/day than what is listed online, please feel free to give us a call 972.657.0278

Event organizing ideas:
Sell tickets in 15 minute time slots.
Color coded tickets work best.

Most schools will have other stations/activities to do during the rotations.(photo booth, food trucks, etc.) 
Most schools will sell tickets for $5-10 per session for Mother/Son Nerf Wars or $20 for the whole night and it includes all the activities.